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Handstand Like A Gymnast Beginner | 6 week program for complete beginners

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Learn to handstand from home with this comprehensive, progressive and detailed 6 week plan for beginners.

This program will suit you if you are new to handstands and training. 
Increase confidence, build strength and learn to get inverted using the wall. 

The focus is on strength and conditioning in the wrists, shoulders and upper back. Positions are scaled back and give you a safe and controlled introduction to handstands. 

Pre requisites:
1. Front support hold 30s
2. Pike handstand on box 20s
3. Ability to climb up to wall


-26 in depth tutorials
-6 week program
-Exercise demonstrations

Every rep and set is prescribed, along with a short demonstration video clip.

Please note:

Online coaching NOT included in this plan. If you require weekly contact with a coach, from correction and video reviews, please contact us to upgrade your plan.