• Learn to handstand like a Gymnast

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Helping Adults learn Gymnastics

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Handstand how to: We promise to help you through every single step

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“The first week was a real shock to the system: it was HARD and at times, really frustrating. But within the first few sessions, my ability to recognise what my body needed to do in a handstand balance had already improved. My most recent handstand PB was a solid freestanding 37 seconds… a huge improvement from a 1-second hold!”

Ana, Australia

Learn Handstands with Ev & Kat Dalecki


What level of strength and experience is needed?

Beginner HLAG Program, you need to have:

- Front support hold 30sec

- Ability to climb into CTW or Decline Handstand

What will the program teach me?

The program will teach you to kick up balance and adjust your handstand. You will learn how to set up, kick up with control, adjust and correct your position while learning to balance.

How long will I be able to train on this program?

The program is set for 6 weeks, however once completing the six weeks you should start again at a harder progression. There are far too many factors to consider in answering this question, as it depends on your mobility, strength, co-ordination, lifestyle, time etc. Rather than setting a deadline for completing the program focus on gradual progress and re-use the program until it is completed at the hardest prescription.

How will I receive my program?

Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf with your program and all the information you need to get started.

Can I access my program anytime?

Yes, the program is yours forever, you can repeat it and access whenever you like. 

What equipment is required for this program?

All you need is a wall and open space, the program is designed to be done at home, your local gym or even outdoors. If you are still learning to kick up to the wall you may need a soft plyo box or a stack of mats.

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